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Undoubtedly the place to see and be seen in Dubai, Turkish Village Restaurant & Café offers a unique and opulent carnival of the senses that gladdens the heart, delights the eye and captivates the soul.

Beginning with the vision of a lively and contemporary restaurant that provided a bridge from Turkey to Dubai bringing with it a peak into the enchanting beauty of the Turkish culture and its rich cuisine.

About Turkish Village

As beautiful and as imaginative as the rich Ottoman culture, the interiors of Turkish Village are decked with enchanting elements of blue and gold tastefully placed recalling the grandeur of Turkey’s magnificence and splendor.

Every detail starting with the creation of the menu and our wide and varied selections of classic Turkish staples from all regions of Turkey to the mesmerizing details found in the décor and on each wall, Turkish Village conjures the beauty of the country’s striking architecture and stunning Ottoman palaces.

With a commitment to quality and a passion for service, every aspect of Turkish Village Restaurant & Café comes together to create a warm and engaging ambiance that not only lives up the legacy of Turkish culture but gives our guests the chance to experience Turkish cuisine and hospitality at its most authentic.

Our menu is always growing. Main dishes are served with a heap of aromatic rice, grilled tomatoes, peppers and onions. Tasty wraps and sandwiches, as well as fresh and delicious salads are perfect for lunch after a serving of our fragrant lentil soup.

We also serve standard Turkish dishes, such as lamb kebabs and hot and cold mezzas, with a colorful selection of dips, spreads and appetizers all with warm fluffy bread fresh from our bakery. What differentiates our restaurant is quite

simple; a passion for creating an authentic culinary Turkish experience for our guests complemented by our restaurant’s beautiful ambiance. Using only the freshest of ingredients our chef and staff each ensure that every dish on our menu, representing Turkey’s variety culinary influences; is a joy for our guest to experience.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lingering to try out our desserts while you sip on our exquisite Turkish coffee and enjoy unparalleled service.

Our outdoor dining area and terraces are a wonderful place to meet and dine and provide the perfect backdrop to any evening. Private rooms are also available and we are capable of handling private parties and company or business events for up to 300 people. Similarly private catering and delivery service will soon be offered.

Our People

Mustafa Demirhan - Executive Chef

Chef Mustafa Demirhan was born in 1964 in Istanbul and started working at Sarıyer restaurants along the Bosphorus when he was only 11 years old.

During his lifetime, Chef has continued to pursue his passion for the culinary arts and through it learned a great deal as a reflection of his commitment to improving his skills. As a result of his focus and dedication he now has certifications in more than ten management topics in food art and preparation.

Having graduated from Anadolu University in 2003, Chef is specialized in a wide variety of techniques and world cuisines. In the beginning, he worked at

local restaurants all around Turkey to gain as much experience as possible under the supervision of Turkey’s leading chefs. After some time, and after having amassed a considerable reputation locally for his excellent preparation of a variety of world cuisine, he was invited to work abroad travelling from the US to Canada and all throughout Europe – dazzling

many celebrities in Europe and in Hollywood with his talent.

Married with two children, he still enjoys travelling to new places and experiencing new dishes from all over the world. He also enjoys meeting new people and you may catch on him your television set being interviewed by your favorite world cuisine gourmet program.

Chef Demirhan, is the executive chef at Turkish Village & Restaurant, having been a vital part of its launch in March 2013, and responsible for the development of the restaurant’s menu representing the finest in Turkey’s culinary offerings from all of its regions.