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We at Turkish Village would love to let you know how much we value our loyal guests. We have created this program designed to reward our guests for their continuous support at making Turkish Village The best Turkish Restaurant in the UAE.

What is the Ottoman’s Rewards Club?

Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe is the leading Turkish eatery in the UAE. Having recently been selected as one of Dubai’s Top 40 and consistently receiving the highest rating amongst all Turkish Restaurants in the UAE – We introduce you to our newest addition - The Ottoman’s Rewards Club Programme. The Ottoman’s Rewards Club Programme is a one of a kind loyalty programme designed to allow you to maximize your experience at Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe making every visit to our restaurant & gift shop a rewarding one for you. At Turkish Village we believe in exemplary customer service and delivering on our promise of quality in every aspect and for us that includes offering our guests a rewards programme that elevates the dining experience.

What are the Benefits?

Once you have signed up for the Ottoman’s Rewards Club Program you can begin collecting your benefits immediately!Every dirham spent at Turkish Village is equivalent to one point. Once you have collected 250 points you can begin redeeming your rewards after your first time using the card to collect points, upon your next visit. Each 250 points are equivalent to 10% off of your bill that you can use towards your purchase or bill at Turkish Village Restaurant & Café & at our Gift Shop or on any offers or promotions developed for our members.

1 dirham = 1 point!
250 dirhams = 25 points

E.g; If your bill is 200 dirhams and you have a balance of 250 points on your cards that entitles you to 25 dirhams off your bill. If you have 350 points you are entitled to 25 dirhams = 250 while the balance of your points remains for the next visit.

How & Where can you Sign Up?

You can sign up through the following methods:

Fill out an application form at our Restaurant and your card will be ready for pick up at our restaurant within a week.

Or fill out the application and email it to and you swill receive a call for confirmation.

Upon confirmation you can pick up your card at our restaurant within a week.

After receiving your application you will be sent an SMS after one week advising you that your card can be picked up from our restaurant.

Terms & Conditions

By becoming an OTTOMAN’S CLUB member, you automatically become part of the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe loyalty program that offers its customers a rewarding and exciting experience when you dine and shop with us.

1. Binding Definitions

In these terms: i) 'Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe' 'we', 'our' or 'us' means the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe L.L.C.; ii) 'Ottoman’s Club' means the loyalty programme run by the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe;iii) 'Family' shall include the principle family member, his or her spouse and their children over the age of eighteen (18) years of age; iv) 'Points' means the non-monetary Ottoman’s Club credit provided to you resulting from any purchase of qualifying goods or items on the terms stated below and not capable of exchange for any monetary currency or credit; v) 'you', 'your' or 'principle member' means the individual named on this application form.

2. Binding Effect

Subject to the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe accepting you into Ottoman’s Club, by signing in writing or electronically accepting these terms, you agree to be bound by these terms as same may be varied by the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe in writing from time to time. These terms supersede any terms agreed to by you and the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe.

3. Membership

(a) These terms are void if entered into by an individual younger than eighteen (18) years of age.

(b) Neither corporations nor any officer or employee of the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe (an 'Employee') may join the Ottoman’s Club. In the event an individual becomes an Employee after being granted membership pursuant to these terms, such membership will immediately terminate and all benefits will cease. Direct family members of Employees may become members, but are not eligible to enter contests or win prizes.

(c) The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe reserves the right to make the final decision to enter you into the Ottoman’s Club programme and reserves the right to terminate your membership or revoke your Points at any time. The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe will not charge you for membership but enrolment for membership may be subject to minimum purchase requirements specified by us, from time to time.

(d) The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe will issue you with an Ottoman’s Club membership card (the 'Card') which will remain our property and may be withdrawn or cancelled by the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe, for any reason.

(e) Membership will automatically terminate in the event of your demise, become bankrupt, or if the Card is not used within twelve (12) calendar months of successful application and acceptance into the Ottoman’s Club membership ("Automatic Termination"). Please note that in the event of Automatic Termination, you will lose all accrued points.

(f) Subject to the cancelled Card being returned to Turkish Village Restaurant & Café, you may cancel your membership at any time by prior written notice, following which all benefits will immediately cease. The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe will not be liable to you in any way for Points loss due to cancellation through Automatic Termination or otherwise.

(g) Membership is non-transferable unless agreed by us in writing.

4. Breach of Terms and Conditions

If you breach any of these terms, fail to pay for any purchase or provide false or misleading information on the application form the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe reserves the right to cancel your membership of Ottoman’s Club and/or withdraw any Points earned.

5. Points

(a) Turkish Village Restaurant & Café will determine from time to time which goods or services purchased by you will earn Points including the number of Points awarded. You may only earn Points when making purchases at Turkish Village Restaurant & Café and our Gift Shop.

(b) Unless specifically stated, no Points will be earned during a sale, promotion, or when a special offer is in effect. Points will not be awarded to the extent that Points are redeemed for an equivalent purchase sum.

(c) To collect Points, you must show your Card at the time of purchase. Points are awarded only for goods or services actually supplied and paid for.

(d) Activity summaries for the Points are issued bi-annually or as stated in promotional literature. You must notify the Ottoman’s Club Service Centre mentioned on the application form within four (4) weeks of a summary activity report of any inaccuracies in it, after which time the summary shall be deemed correct and accepted by you. Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe's decision relating to alleged inaccuracies is final and binding. The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe reserves the right to correct your Point record as we consider appropriate at any time.

(e) Points are personal and cannot be pooled with Points of any other Ottoman’s Club member.

(f) Points will expire twenty-four (24) months from the date on which they were earned.

(g) Points must be redeemed earlier of the date being (i) twenty-four (24) months from the date awarded or (ii) the date immediately before the expiry of your Card, failing which they shall automatically expire without further notice to you.

(h) On collection of sufficient points, you may redeem points by requesting redemption of Points (subject to the terms and conditions at the time) against purchases of goods and/or services by presenting your Ottoman’s Club Card at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to require suitable identification before allowing any redemption of Points.

(i) You may, at our discretion and subject to the terms herein, acquire your purchase entirely or partially through the redemption of Points.

6. Rewards

(a) The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe for each AED 1 dirham spent a reward point will be collected on the rewards card. With each 250 points equal to AED 25/twenty Five dirhams.

(b) You may redeem reward points after accumulating 250 points on presentation of your ottoman card at your next visit to Turkish Village Restaurant & Café and the specified Points will be deducted from your points balance.

(c) Redemption of reward points will not be feasible on or during public holidays, festivals, and other specified black-out periods as detailed by Turkish Village Restaurant & Café from time to time.

(d) No other discount is applicable when using the Ottoman’s Rewards Cards Points unless otherwise specified by Turkish Village Restaurant & Café.

(e) Points Can`t Be Collected or Redeemed Without The Card

7. Your Personal Information

(a) You agree and acknowledge that your personal information may be held and processed by the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe (including within and for the Application), and may be disclosed to and shared with any of our group companies, and any third party for any reason whatsoever as required, without any liability to you. Demographic and generic information provided by you may be held and used by us in any way for whatever reason without any liability to you, but such use will not identify you personally.

(b) You acknowledge and agree that all information you provide to the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe is true and accurate, and that you will notify us if there is any change in your name, address or other personal details. You agree and accept that we will be entitled to send you information, special offers and promotional messages from the Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe, its brands and Ottoman’s Club via any of the communication routes included but not limited to electronic or mobile transfer like SMS, e-mails, phone calls, and direct postal mail.

8. General

(a) The Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to change or add to these terms, the qualifying goods and services, and reward terms, and to suspend, amend or terminate the Ottoman’s Club Points programme, notwithstanding that such change may result in reducing or extinguishing the number or value of, or the period of expiry of, any existing or future Points.

(b) You must immediately notify our Service Centre of any loss of your Card. We will not be held liable for any loss, theft, damage, or unauthorised use of your Card or reward. Any replacement Card is provided at our discretion and a charge will apply for the issuance of replacement Cards.

(c) Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe, will not be responsible or liable whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or liability arising from the use of the Card or Application, from your participation in the Ottoman’s Club Points programme, or any other action or omission arising as a result of the these terms or arising out of the Ottoman’s Club programme.

(d) These terms are governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.